Lesley+Mike Wedding {A Playful Path}

So this is what it feels like when you find the FUN inside of you… welcome to the wedding of Lesley & Mike! If you remember a few months back I captured their Save-the-date photos at Cleveland’s own BIG FUN Toy Store, a powerhouse shop of nerdabilia and nostalgia that you must experience at least once in your lifetime. I knew then that this couple was super cool and that their wedding day would mirror all of this entrainment plus so much more, because the purpose of fun is to live it – right?

We arrive The Lodge at Geneva On-The-Lake, a beautiful summer destination hot spot and could not have asked for a better day… blue skies and sun glowing down upon us. This was a day I would soon not forget.  The detail of flowers hung delicately from their gazebo, chairs lined up ready to greet their guests. As they make their entrance Mike gearin’ up for his bride with his game face on, crackin’ his knuckles, ah!  Lesley almost made it through the ceremony, but her eyes filled and the tears came… her emotion so heartfelt we all paused to collect ourselves.

As the ceremony sealed with a kiss, this couple and their bridal crew were ready to get the party started! Our post-ceremony candid approach included a few family posed, jump shots, brotherly love-playing and newlyweds kissing xoxo. I thought could this crew provide us any more entertainment, and then the reception began — a photo-frenzy! Photopix photo booth was Representin’ and everyone shared their love to the bride and groom by wearing silly glasses, colorful feather boas, crazy hats and so much more! A super creative approach to capture a book of memories. So the curtain closes from one photo booth to another capturing all of their FUN- love & ever lasting memories one photo at a time. Lesley & Mike, may your love for each other continue to grow and the playful kids inside of all of us remain.  –“A Playful Path is the shortest road to happiness.”

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Jes+Kev {Happily Ever After…}

Back on a cold CLE winters day, I bundled up with Kevin and Jessica to capture their Engagement photos. To think back how Kevin took care of his bride-to-be that afternoon, sippin’ on hot chocolate and warming her up with his embrace was super endearing. We packed up that day and said to each other, see y’all at the wedding! Months go by and the summer wedding day approaches. The temps were much warmer this day!  We stood quietly in the church waiting for the bride to enter, I paused and remembered how cold we were that winter day during their engagement shoot. As I felt the change of season in the air on this wedding day, what I also felt was the strong bond these two have for each other.  Jessica was glowing with excitement as she walked down the aisle to meet her groom and Kevin a pillar of strength as he stood alongside his bride.

The day events unfolded like a storybook, the ceremony was beautiful surrounded by family and friends, afterward the crew piled in their chauffeured-limo bus and we planned a little stroll through the park and a fun-loving photo shoot at the Brooker Building. When we arrived at the reception hall, all of the details were in place. The cake elegantly posed and table settings flawless with the accent of cornflower blue and yellow hues. The couples danced there way into the room and toasts were given to the bride & groom. Soon after the table in front starting rating their kissing +10 for sure, ah!

As their wedding day turned out to be a page-turner of success, I wish Kevin and Jessica all the love and light in their next chapter of life. May the two of you live Happily Ever After … together forever! xo

I couldn’t be more grateful for the creative opportunity to capture this special event, but also for my super-star second shooter, Darren Sinnett. I would like to give him a big shout out for working alongside me. Darren you inspire me with your commendable talent and it’s an honor to have you by my side.

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Jamie+Elan Wedding {Six Degrees}

To think of how this couple could have met goes a little somethin’ like this… having crossed paths many times in 2005, Jamie attended the same middle school with a cousin of Elan’s BFF. Elan attended Hebrew University… a year after Jamie attended and was friendly with one her good friends who also happened to be studying there. Elan graduated from Ohio State, widening the tangential arcs of their lives – he even knew her roommate in DC at the time.

But how they actually met is at BBYO’s Staff Conference in 2005 in Orlando, Florida. Jamie worked as a program specialist in the organization’s international office in DC and Elan was a new hire in the Rockville, MD office to serve as DC Council’s membership coordinator.

It’s crazy to think how close we really are when life is in motion. For Jamie & Elan, I would say they were simply 6 degrees from the rest of their lives… xo! I wish them the most beautiful life together and so honored to have been a part of their special day.

I’d like to thank my right hand lady that day. I have much gratitude for my rock-star second shooter Nickie Schuler for her creative talent and support.

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To view more photos from their Summer 2011 wedding click here.


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